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September 14, 2018
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Why You Need Home Builder to Rebuild Your Home

Home Builder


Rebuilding a home after a disastrous occurrence is a challenging and demanding job. There are numerous home builders available today however only a handful of them have experience working with insurance companies.  If you are currently in the market looking for home builder related to a large loss claim, it is a good thing to start with professional home builders. Below are some of the reasons why engaging professionals is a wise thing.

Solid Reputation

Professional home builders also build upon their reputation with each complete home. Every home they construct is a testament to that and strengthens their reputation as professional home builders.

Experience in the Field

Just having equipment doesn’t make for a good home builder. Years in the field help develop great vendor and municipality relationships. Property owners can trust that LBR Construction Services, LLC professionals are up to date and familiar with area building code requirements. When it comes to rebuilding homes, experience counts. This is the one attribute that should top your list.

Access to the Better Equipment and Labor

The quality and consistency eventually come with time and with access to advanced equipment and labor. A professional home builder has access to a more extensive fleet of skilled workers.

Ability to Meet Deadlines

Professional home builders pride themselves on completing each project promptly and most cases ahead of schedule. Meeting deadlines mean a strict adherence to schedule which means that all stages of the work must be completed on time.

Reconstruction Services

Most importantly, LBR will work directly with your insurance company. Once the estimate is approved, LBR Construction Services, LLC will do a full and detailed walk through that will allow our professionals to put together a full Project Plan. The Plan will establish timelines and phases, materials need whether new or salvaged, and budgets and costs.

If you have water damage or fire damage, call us right away and we’ll know how to help. We’re available 24/7 as we have a crew on stand by for any type of emergency situation.