Storms involving wind, water, and ice can cause extensive damage to your home or property. With immediate response from LBR Construction Services, LLC, you will be limiting the damage impact on your property and additional costs to repair. Our team of experts can quickly assess the storm damage and get to work quickly on a plan to restore your home.

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Emergency Storm Services

Need Storm Damage Repairs?

We called LBR Construction Services after a hailstorm damaged our house in Schaumburg on a recommendation from our friends who used them for a basement flood. Tom came out to meet us and worked with our insurance company. After we got our approval, Tom had his crews out and completed the job in a few days. – Gustavo

Learn More About Storm Damage

All storms are different and cause many problems for your home. Storms involving high winds can cause roof, siding, and structural issues. High winds can also cause landscape damage with uprooted trees and bushes. In addition, storms that come with water, ice, or snow can cause piping, flooding, and exterior and interior damage. The remediation will be different depending on the damage caused, but the one piece that remains the same is that early action is a MUST! The sooner a professional can get on the scene to assess the damage, the sooner a plan will be in place to clean up and restore. While you are waiting for the for our team to arrive, be sure to start documenting the damage. Cleaning up and restoring will save the homeowner additional damage and out of pocket costs.

When LBR Construction Services, LLC is called, we will come on the scene and identify what damage has been caused. Some of the damage will be very apparent, while some damage will take some investigating. Our professionals are trained in knowing where to look, and where damage can occur out of the homeowner’s sight, and how to safely access those areas to confirm.

Storm & Hail Damage Repair

Consequently, some storms cause flooding. If flooding has occurred, the first step will be to clean up the water as soon as possible. Our professionals will bring in high end pumping equipment. If roof or siding damage has occurred, the first step is to board up to elimination the potential for additional damage.

During the clean up process, LBR professionals will clean up water, ice, sewage, and debris as a result of the storm.

Finally, LBR Restoration will work with you to determine a plan of action to restore your home to pre-loss condition. If there are structural issues, we can consult on architectural and construction remedies. LBR Construction Services, LLC is trained in all areas of fire, water, storm damage clean up and construction. In addition, LBR Restoration can help you work through your insurance claims. With our certifications and years of experience in the industry, our professionals can help review your insurance coverage and provide assistance is getting your claims handled correctly.