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September 14, 2018
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How to Prevent or Prepare for a Flood Repair Service Emergency

Flood Repair Service

Flood Repair Service

Many homeowners say, “Oh, that will never happen to me!” about various disasters that could require restoration contractor services. However, it’s critical to consider that even a responsible homeowner may face threats from nature or other dangers outside of their control. Common causes like burst pipes or ice damming. Our team of expert flood repair service specialists have compiled a list of ways to be ready in the event a flood does happen. Most importantly, how to prevent such a catastrophe from destroying your home.


Gate Valves


The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, or FLASH, recommends installation of gate valves on all pipes. Gate valves are interior or exterior backflow valves that are manually operated. These valves should be installed on all pipes that are entering the house. This is especially important for the prevention of sewer backup emergencies. By the way, sewage is worst kind of flood repair service emergencies that can occur.


Inspecting the Sewer Lateral


Did you know it’s the homeowners who are responsible for inspecting the condition of the piping between the home or building and the city’s sewer pipeline? Of course, it may not be accessible without the help of a plumber.  Having a plumber inspect the sewer lateral is a worthwhile investment. One of the key points to address is the presence of tree roots.  Because tree root blockages of the sewer lateral is one common cause of sewage backup catastrophes. The next step to consider is replacing the sewer lateral with newer piping. Your plumber can help identify the situation and determine whether or not new piping is needed.


Prevent Backups via Smart Disposal


  • Do not dispose of grease down a drain. Grease may be solid at the time of cooking, but it quickly turns into a hard crust that can block both water lines and sewage lines.
  • Never flush paper towels or feminine hygiene products.
  • In fact, don’t flush anything except toilet paper.


Water Seal the Basement


One of the most common types of flood repair service emergencies is basement flooding. Fortunately, sewage flooding in least common. Instead, issues of water in the basement often arise because of cracks and deterioration in the floor or walls allowing water accumulation from rainstorms to leak through. Steps can also be taken to ensure drainage is occurring outside of the structure. Improper elevation could mean all the rainwater is leaking directly down into the basement.


Identify Your Property’s Flood Level and Elevate


Every home has a flood level measurement, which is how high flood waters could rise in your home. This can be easily checked by going to the FEMA website and inspecting the flood level maps of your area. Once you’ve determined your home’s flood level, it’s important to inspect your property. First, check your house’s outlets, circuit breakers, switches. Second, other electrical apparatuses.  Conclude whether or not they’re above the flood danger zone. If not, consider moving items to elevated areas, preventing electrical risks should a flood occur.


Take Preliminary Steps if You Suspect a Flood is Coming


Have concrete blocks prepared if you suspect flooding may occur from an oncoming storm, and elevate everything important off the ground using the blocks. Move all important furnishings to upper floors, and shut off your home’s electricity at the breaker switch in advance. For the reason that, LBR offers prevention services to minimize water damage.


Have Sewage Flooding and Other Flood Insurance Scenarios Active


Check to see what your homeowner’s insurance policy states. Most importantly, not all flood scenarios have coverage. But you can add additional supplements to your policy.  Usually costing a small annual amount ($30 or $40 more.)  Likewise, look into getting FEMA flood insurance.


Keep a Flood Repair Service Contractor on Hand


Above all, find a water damage restoration contractor with teams that are both skillful and thoughtful about helping their clients in a time of crisis. LBR Construction Services LLC is ready to handle all variety of flood repair service jobs in Chicago. Certainly, you can give us a call at 630-534-3032 to learn more.