LBR Restoration is committed to helping protect your home or business with prevention services. Our team members can minimize damage and disruption in most situations. Protect your possessions and valuables from perils. The best defense against mother nature is a better offense plan. Talk with our peril coordinator to see how we can help in advance.

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Need Prevention Services?

I didn't know about this type of service until my insurance agent referred me to LBR. Knowing a storm front was on it way, I had LBR prep my basement to minimize water damage. – Kristin C.

Learn More About Prevention Services

First of all, some storms and severe weather patterns can be foreseen. Proactive homeowners can minimize or even prevent damage to their property and valuables. LBR Construction Services, LLC now offers Prevention Services.

So, with Chicago's severe weather comes strong winds, lightning, heavy snow, ice, freezing temperatures, heat waves and hail. Have one of our team members visit you home or business to get an accurate report of potential hazards and prevention tips. We can deploy our team withins hours of notice to begin site preparation and property protection.

Basic Steps to Prepare for the Storm

• Contact the local county geologist or county planning department to find out if your home is located in a flash-flood-prone area or landslide-prone area.
• Learn about your community’s emergency plans, warning signals, evacuation routes, and locations of emergency shelters.
• Plan and practice a flood evacuation route with your family. Ask an out-of-state relative or friend to be the “family contact” in case your family is separated during a flood.
• Make sure everyone in your family knows the name, address, and phone number of this contact person.
• Post emergency phone numbers at every phone.
• Inform local authorities about any special needs, i.e., elderly or bedridden people, or anyone with a disability.
• Identify potential home hazards and know how to secure or protect them before the flood strikes. Be prepared to turn off electrical power when there is standing water, fallen power lines, or before you evacuation. Turn off gas and water supplies before you evacuate. Secure structurally unstable building materials.
• Buy a fire extinguisher and make sure your family knows where it is and how to use it.
• Buy and install sump pumps with back-up power.
• Have a licensed electrician raise electric components (switches, sockets, circuit breakers and wiring) at least 12″ above your home’s projected flood elevation.