While assessment, clean up, and restoration is the most important and first course of action when it comes to fire, water, or natural disaster damage to your property or home, there are other issues that arise that may leave homeowners feeling overwhelmed and unsure who to turn to. With a full home restoration, there are many people who become involved including, insurance companies, construction, technicians, engineers, architects, and inspectors. Most large loss projects require architectural services. Most noteworthy, our team practices and applies new developing building standards.


Consulting Services

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This was my first large loss claim and I wanted one contact point for the entire project. I hired LBR Construction Services because they offered more services in-house. Tom was able to draw us blueprints for our home and delegate my claim with our insurance company. The project manager walked us thru the very step and explained all my questions. There are a lot of decisions that I had to make during the process but I never felt overwhelmed with Tom’s team. They finished rebuilding our home ahead of schedule. We would highly recommend LBR Construction Services for any water and fire damage restoration service. Frank & Mary C.

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With over 20 years in the industry, LBR Construction Services, LLC is familiar and able to navigate all these areas. We can offer consulting services as a consultant to your insurance company and review estimates and to work with your adjustor. Your project manager will be tasked with ensuring all areas of your construction project are staying within budget and on time. Furthermore, LBR Restoration only uses trained architects to provide a complete set of construction documents for your reconstruction project.

Sometimes when faced with a disaster homeowners can become overwhelmed, unsure what is a priority, who to call, or what direction to turn. LBR Construction Services, LLC will be your partner and unlimited go-to source to get you through this stressful time.