LBR Restoration will restore your property to pre-loss conditional after incurring damages due to fire, smoke, and soot. Our fire damage restoration team will inspect your home, assess any salvageable building materials and work to get your home back, if not better, than pre-loss condition. Our professionals are trained in spotting and mitigated further damage and injury during our initial assessment.

Fire Damage Mitigation Services

Need Fire Damage Repair?

There are not enough words to say how grateful my family is to Tom Drapinski and his company. Our home burned down in an electrical fire. It was an extremely stressful situation. We were underinsured for a complete rebuild and lost in the entire process.
In addition to totally rebuilding a quality home within our insurance budget, Tom helped us with his knowledge of the industry to recoup some of the money we lost from a major restoration company who ripped us off right after fire. He did it because he cares about people and what is right and wrong.
Harry and Sharon Z.

Learn More About Fire And Smoke Damage Cleanup

When a fire starts, soot residue and vapors are carried by rising and expanding air to surfaces throughout your home. This happens repeatedly until the fire is out. The soot residue however has built up on your home’s surfaces in layers. The layers of this soot can be extremely difficult to remove, and the damage can be extensive.

Immediate remediation is key in avoiding higher than necessary costs. The longer inspection and cleanup is delayed, the higher costs of restoration are. Here are the effects that fire and smoke can have on a home.
• First, within minutes materials because to yellow, such as plastics and marble and can discolor permanently.
• Then, within hours acid residues can stain grout in bathrooms, countertops and furniture may discolor, and uncoated metals will begin to tarnish.
• Finally, within days painted walls will begin to turn yellow permanently, upholstery stains become permanent, wood furniture will require refinishing and vinyl floors will need to be replaced.
• Within weeks, your costs could substantially escalade. Carpet fibers will yellow, glass, crystal, and china will need to be replaced due to etching pitting caused by exposure to acid soot, and anything silver plated may be corroded permanently.
The cleanup process should take place as quickly as possible not only to salvage some of your belongs, but also to rid your home the odor of smoke.

What To Expect Shortly After A Fire

Our professionals will use its proven techniques and reliable equipment to remove odors.
• Remove the source of the odor such as debris that is unsalvageable
• Clean salvageable surfaces and items
• Utilize an odor counteractant, that will deodorize your home
• Encapsulate odor areas that have not been affected by the smoke, and seal these areas for inaccessibility and prevent additional damage
• LBR utilizes air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and air movers

LBR provides a comprehensive service in addition to the odor removal:
• Debris and soot removal
• Possession removal
• Water removal
• Deep cleaning, stain removal, and deodorizing
• Protect all breaches and ingress point in your home
• Provide protection from further damage

Most noteworthy, do not delay in calling our professionals to get your home assessed and cleaned up. LBR Construction’s professionals are licensed and training fire clean up. The team can be on site immediately. LBR’s number one goal is to remove all evidence of fire, smoke and water damage – and present a good as new home or building to our clients.