Our Story

​With so many choices and under stress, how can anybody know who to call when a disaster destroys your home or business. Most people will not have an opportunity to research the right company to preform the work. Learn about LBR restoration services and how we can provide relief in any disaster. Truth is, we believe that every client deserves the BEST. Whether your experiencing a flooded basement to a total home loss, you will receive the same high quality service.
​So what makes us different? We started out as a custom home builder who went through an experience of a large loss claim. A house was burnt to the ground and we worked with insurance from start to finish. It was clear to us, we can simplify the process by offering all in house services. Our team is made of experts in architecture, insurance claim review, smoke & soot cleaning, and residential construction.

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About LBR Restoration Services


• We’re Specialists in commercial and residential fire reconstruction

• Certified Water Restoration Technicians

• We are a mixed of home builders and fire damage restoration with an architectural background.

•Our Professionals have extensive training and equipment to get your property back to pre-fire condition.

• Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician

• We’re proven water fire restoration contractors

• Emergency water removal technician

Our certified contractor determines the full extent of fire damage, including the impact of heat, smoke, and residues from fire and smoke. We keep business and houses owners informed, helping to subdue their loss. Furthermore, we restore hope by explaining what can be saved and how, in a manner, they can understand what to expect, what is happening and what they can do. Emergency water removal services are then employed. Our comprehensive emergency fire damage repair services can reverse much of the effects of fire and smoke damage. Restoration and fire damage repairs with us can make a very trying time much less unpleasant.

About LBR restoration services state-of-the-science techniques and cleaning solutions can dramatically increase the likelihood of saving property without needing to replace it. With 24-hour emergency response service, we save you time and money. We’re a combination of professional and certified of home builders and fire damage restoration with an architectural background. Furthermore, all our contractors are insured and well-qualified to work on your home. With experts from coast to coast, we’re committed to creating the best nationwide network of home service professionals.


We’ll get your property back to normal faster. Our specialized training, cleaning methods and equipment combined with our experience in home building, fire damage restoration with an architectural background means quicker cleanup and lower smoke damage restoration costs. We use advanced diagnostic imaging apparatus to ascertain the building’s structural integrity and determine the possibility of living in it. Any areas that require additional structural support will be beefed up to create a safe working environment for the restoration crew. We can save your possessions, often being able to restore the contents of your home to their prior condition. We’ll assist with any claim review process to make it as painless as possible for you.


Get expert fire restoration service from a name you trust. Your locally owned and operated fire restoration company is available always to help you to reduce the expenses of fire and smoke damage to your entire home. When a tragedy like a fire occurs, you can rely on us to get your life back to normal and your business up again and running after thorough inspection and fire damage assessment. We’ve highly skilled, licensed contractors to expertly analyze your claim reviews and to lighten your administrative load with the most exceptional possible efficiency and accuracy. Our Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians are certified by IICRC. We take pride in providing state-of-the-art fire damage restoration services.