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October 19, 2018
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What to Know About Hail Damage

hail damage

Hail Damage In The Chicagoland Area

Hail poses a real and serious threat to homeowners. In fact, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration Severe Storms database, hail causes $1 billion in property damage a year, and the risk is especially prevalent in northern and northeastern parts of the USA. So, what can be done? Fortunately, homeowners don’t have to just wait around for hail damage to occur and steps can be taken before and after to mitigate the threat.

What Are Your Roof’s Materials?

 How impact resistant is your roof? There are specialty shingles available to absorb the impact of hail. Modified asphalt, aluminum, and even special resin plastic materials are available as hail resistant options to a house. Thin roofing materials, such as clays like adobe, could potentially be eaten through by chunks of sharp ice. If hail damage poses a risk to your roof, then weather renovation services may be necessary. Talk to your insurance company, as well—because such renovations sometimes create discount options with certain company’s policies.

What About the Windows?

Another material that’s vulnerable to hail damage is glass, and windows—especially overhead windows (like skylights) are most vulnerable. Storm shutters are the most obvious solution. Talk to your local renovation contractors about securing your windows before storm season hits.

What’s Outside?

Expensive outdoor sculptures or furniture can be ravaged by hail damage. Ensure that outdoor furniture made of materials like glass are secured inside of the house. Umbrellas should be folded and placed inside of the house or the hail will puncture holes into their fabric.

What To Do Before the Storm Hits

Be careful of situations where hail could potentially lead to other environmental hazards. For example, if hail pelts a hole into a glass rooftop and is accompanied by heavy rain, this could result in flood damage after water begins pouring down from the opening. Be mindful to move or elevate sensitive objects that you’re concerned will get wet.

Hail Damage Has Wrecked My Home…What Do I Do Now?

Environmental and storm-related damage is hopefully covered by your insurance policy. Don’t delay in calling your insurance company and then scheduling with a credible weather restoration company. If your home has suffered damage, there’s a risk of further damage (including flooding) if a storm hits again. If you’ve suffered water damage, it’s also important to act fast as stagnant water in the house will only further damage the interiors until it’s professionally removed.

A skilled construction company is able to not only restore your home to its old condition, but you can talk about adding renovation details to the home to lessen the chance of further hail damage in the future. Although it can be highly stressful dealing with a home disaster, in the end it’s possible to have a sturdier house with new upgrades.

Working With a Restoration Contractor

LBR Construction Services LLC has dealt with many hail damage cases in Illinois. We are prepared to come to the rescue of your home in the greater Chicago area. You can give us a call at 630-534-3032 to learn more.